Lots to Do

We’re in the process of packing up our stuff and storing it for the summer, in order that we can fly to Newfoundland, work in Gros Morne National Park for two months, fly to Toronto in September, and start a new (post-university) life.

Westmount Cross Streets

Instead of packing feverishly, we’ve been trying to get out and see some last places in Montreal before we leave. Earlier in the week, we ended up at the Notre Dame Basilica – the city’s largest and most impressive church. Since it was midweek, it was filled with school children and tourists, but we were so glad we payed the entry fee. It was quiet and ornate and just how I remembered it the first time that I went. The only unfortunate moment was when my camera conked out on me, not more than a few minutes after arriving. A sign, maybe? To just be in the moment, perhaps, and put the lens down for a minute or two.

Notre Dame Basilica - Montreal

We’ve also been exploring the east end of Montreal a bit, as these row houses below can attest to. It was a lovely day, and not at all like the rainy dreariness we’ve been having ever since.

Montreal Row Houses

In preparation for my new(f) job, I baked a batch of chocolate cupcakes, which I will hopefully have time to ice and photograph tomorrow for another posting. They are Martha Stewart’s One-Bowl cupcakes, and let’s be honest people, they’re really just a fancy version of Box Cake. The recipe doesn’t include unsalted butter, but vegetable oil. Seriously? The ‘one-bowl’ name was a hint, but the vegetable oil sealed the deal – this is definitely nothing more than Martha’s own sneaky version of the boxed cakes you see at the grocery store next to the Duncan Hines icings. And of course, like all box cake variations, it’s delicious. Swing by tomorrow for the recipe.

Chocolate Cupcakes in Progress


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  1. i remember venturing to notre dame before i moved away from montreal – it really is rather beautiful and peaceful there.

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