On the Needles – Nearly Finished

This week, I’m returning to an older WIP that has remained on the needles for a few months now. The Too-Cute-To-Resist Baby Leggings, which are now doubly adorable because I’ve knit both legs, and now have joined them and am knitting the waist. They’re almost done, though, which is exciting. There’s no rush to have them done, except for the satisfaction I get from moving a WIP on my Ravelry page to an FO.

On the Needles - 25/05/11

We’ve been in a bit of flurry here, since we’re moving out of Montreal and attempting to find someone to take over the lease of our apartment – any takers? So amongst appointments and errands, I’ve been knitting and sewing and trying to keep some semblance of cleanliness for all of the people coming through here.

I’m still reading Court Lady and Country Wife by Lita-Rose Betcherman. I’m nearly finished the book as well (anyone else see a pattern here?). Though somewhat technical on the history side occasionally, it’s a pretty fascinating page-turner, and I’m quite glad I picked it up. Not as many dresses or balls lately – now it’s more about Oliver Cromwell and the Civil War – but still fun to read.

I’ve decided to use some lovely fingering-weight yarn I bought over Christmas for a shawl. The problem is, I’ve never knit a shawl before, and I have no idea what a nice one looks like. I’m worried about choosing something too ‘old’ looking for my age – does anyone have any advice? Are there any go-to shawl patterns to recommend?


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4 Responses to On the Needles – Nearly Finished

  1. angie says:

    adorable little leggings! love those colors!

  2. Rosemary says:

    Are you thinking of something lacy, or something simpler and more solid? Personally, I don’t think you can go wrong with a lace shawl–sometimes grandmas have good taste. 😉 I’ve knit the Haruni shawl on Ravelry–it was my first shawl and my first lace, and it was a fun knit.

  3. accountantgrrl says:

    As I just recommended to another Yarn Along blogger, I used Liz Abinante’s Traveling Woman Shawl as my first shawl pattern: http://feministy.com/blog/traveling-woman/

    I thought it was super easy to do.

  4. the leggings look awesome! I love the colours!

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