Sunday Love – White Ceramics

Today is going to be another relatively slow day. Even though it’s bright and sunny outside, it’s not quite warm enough to be celebrating yet. Last night the entire production crew of The Alchemist worked together to strike to set, and of course there was a party afterward. Needless to say, I’m going at slower pace than I would otherwise. Although I have managed to complete a decent section of my thesis already. Warm weather always seems like a time for decluttering, spring cleaner, and consolidating all the things in our lives that managed to get out of control during the hiberation of winter. For me, it seems right now that I’d like to get rid of all the heavy and dull things around here, and replace everything we own with the freshest and most inspiring pieces of white, eggshell, and ecru.

Is there anything more crisp and clean than a collection of white ceramics? My particular favourites are anything that uses knitting or lace in their design, but the simplicity of an unadorned matte finish is definitely something that catches my attention as well.

I can’t resist on this Sunday afternoon posting a few of my favourites that have been stacking up in my Etsy lists and blog browsing of late. The DIY tutorial from sodapop design is an especially lovely find — as soon as there is time enough, I’m going to whip out a few of these, if I can.

From top to bottom (left to right): Lace Porcelain Cups by Hideminy; DIY Doily Bowl by sodapop design;  porcelain Knitware Bowl by alyssaettinger; Eggshell Dish by White Forest Pottery; Bony Tea Bowls by clamlab; porcelain Cappuccino Mugs by wapa.


About Meredith

Just another twenty-something crafter, with a penchant for delicious home cooking, the English countryside, and knitting.
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One Response to Sunday Love – White Ceramics

  1. Wapa Studio says:

    Lovely and serene.
    Thanks for showing my Cappuccino Mugs.

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