Friday FO – Sandpiper Cowl

Let me introduce you to Sandpiper, my finished cowl:

Sandpiper - Complete

I began this on Sunday, and had it blocked and ready to wear on Friday morning. Not bad, but I certainly knit up a storm this past week. It turns out that you can knit simultaneously as learning and reciting lines to play. Christopher Marlowe’s Tamburlaine, in this case.

Sandpiper - Complete

When I first took this off the blocking board, I was a little dismayed by the limp edges. To remedy this, I decided to sew a fold-over hem along the top of the cowl. I nearly did the same for the bottom, but I decided that it was probably unnecessary. I think I was overreacting, because now that I look at it, I love it to bits.

I wore it out today, since the weather was kind enough to return to below freezing. At least I’ll be getting a decent amount of wear in this before it gets warm.

Sandpiper - Complete

The pattern: Sandpiper

The yarn: St Denis Nordique – 5816; 5820; 5850 (total yardage 250 yards)

The result: Love. I’ve been wanting a cowl for a very long time, and this one is everything I ever wanted.


About Meredith

Just another twenty-something crafter, with a penchant for delicious home cooking, the English countryside, and knitting.
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2 Responses to Friday FO – Sandpiper Cowl

  1. Sara Beth says:

    That is beautiful! Wow, what a project.

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