Sewing 101 – Tunic Top

There’s been a whole lot of knitting going on here lately, but another large part of Household Sciences — sewing — hasn’t got its fair share of the limelight. I think might be in part because knitting is easier to shoot most times – it doesn’t need to be ironed, or put on a mannequin, and you often don’t need to find an unwilling partner to stand there and take your photo a hundred times while you try to get that perfect shot.

Linen Yoke Dress

This is a dress that I originally saw in the July 2010 issue of Burdastyle magazine. I love the ease and comfort of a simple tunic dress/top (I can never decide what to call it). And the price was right: I ended up paying just $2/m for the corduroy-look fabric at Fabricville. Clothes snobs might feel differently, but I think this print is adorable, and the lightweight but autumn-y brown was exactly what I wanted.

Linen Yoke Dress

To upscale the dress just a little bit, I decided to use medium-weight Irish linen for the back yoke. This is my most precious fabric, next to the 1/2 metre of Liberty of London that I have, so I have only used it sparingly in little details like this. I’m really happy that I did – I think it gives the look just a bit more specialness.

Linen Yoke Dress

With a pair of leggings, this is a great piece to throw on and still look put together. While I didn’t end up following the instruction to a T (I omitted the sleeves and lengthened the piece overall), it was just what I wanted.

Linen Yoke Dress

Here is the link to the Burdastyle pattern page, from which the image below comes from.


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