What a Difference a Half Year Makes…

Hopefully, this sort of moping won’t become common around here, but today, in the midst of crummy weather (rainy, damp, cold), and the general horridness of March in Canada, I can’t help but be reminded of what my view was like six months ago:

This is Nice, seen from a perched lookout that I traveled to by tram on a trip to the French Riviera in August. I was au-pairing for a lovely family I know, and had the best vacation ever, hands down. It’s hard to believe that we still continue to live elsewhere, having spent three and a half weeks there.

It also looked like this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

I can’t remember where each of these was taken, but the second last one was my own little ‘shepherd’s hut’ that I lived in, which was just down from the villa that we stayed in. It was supremely nice to have my own little private ‘home’ while we stayed in the village of St Jeannet. My favourite spot of the entirely trip was definitely the beach at Villefranche-sur-Mer, which we visited a handful of times given how gorgeous (and relatively quiet it was, in comparison to the Nice beaches).

For my birthday, I was taken on a trip to Monaco, where we took in the super yachts, the former palace of Prince Ranier and Prince Grace (Kelly), and the luxury boutiques.

All in all, it was a life-changing place to visit. So much wealth it was hard to take in, and so many beautiful things to experience. I might not have Nice today (and my most fabulous tan faded long ago), but the pictures are enough to perk any girl up on a day like today. For that, I’m cheery, even on this dreariest of March afternoons.



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Just another twenty-something crafter, with a penchant for delicious home cooking, the English countryside, and knitting.
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